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    Forging finalization and modification system of stainless steel balls

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    1) The forging can only be put into mass production after the forging process is finalized. The forging process is the forging process specification. It refers to the process from raw material blanking, forging, heat treatment to full rubber shaping before forging machining. The quality inspection items of forgings are BLB 1-8, including sampling in different directions and quality items that may be affected by the forging process. For important and complex silver pieces, the process can be finalized only after trial processing and product use.

    2) Ensure the stability of the shaping process and do not change it at will. After the process is finalized, it must be strictly implemented. If it needs to be changed, it needs to be studied and approved. When the forgings are transferred to another factory for production or the leading process is changed, they shall be re identified and finalized according to the situation.

    In order to improve the process, accumulate experience and test the stability of the forging process, other special process inspections can be carried out· Generally, it is conducted once regularly or once after a certain number of forgings are produced. The number of test collars, sampling parts and stars for the special process inspection is more than that for the normal inspection

    (3) Reasonable grouping in production

    The satin piece spot batch acceptance shall be composed of forgings with the same drawing, the same smelting furnace number and the same production batch number. Forgings supplied in the shape state shall also be composed of forgings of the same heat treatment furnace. It is abbreviated as "three identifications" and "four identifications".

    This kind of group batch is determined from the factors that affect the quality of forgings. Because, Xiang - drawing number, has the same forging process; Question 1: melting; The metallurgical basis of the furnace gas has the same sensitivity to the silver making process; Same - 'the same forging and heat treatment conditions shall be marked for the same production batch number and the same heat treatment furnace. This kind of weaving batch is reasonable and the strictest. In actual production, starting from the material quality and the stability of quality, the type of silver and the convenience of production, it is allowed to appropriately relax the batch conditions on the premise of ensuring the quality of forgings and the modern humanity of Zhuo gun and Liao.

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