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    Contents of quality inspection for stainless steel ball forgings

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    (1) Contents of forging quality inspection

    The purpose of segment quality inspection is: 1. To ensure that the quality of forgings meets the technical standards of forgings, so as to meet the design and use requirements of products. The inspection memory includes the dimension, shape, surface quality and internal quality of satin pieces. Here we focus on internal quality.

    According to the stress condition, importance, working condition, material and metallurgical process of the parts, the forgings shall be inspected according to different categories. Various industrial departments have different classification, inspection items and quality requirements for forgings. Some departments divide forgings into three categories, while others divide forgings into four or five categories. Carbon 1-8 is the inspection requirement for concave classification of sodium silicate and heat-resistant stainless steel forgings.

    The quality inspection contents and meaningful measures for forgings of different materials and specifications are briefly introduced on the R-plane:

    1. regardless of material type, the inspection items are different

    For General Li forgings, specimens are cut in the state of preliminary heat treatment. After the specified heat treatment, mechanical properties, fracture and grain skin are inspected. For austenitic steel, high-temperature alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, drilling alloy and copper alloy forgings, samples shall be taken directly from the forgings in the final heat treatment state to inspect the mechanical properties and low magnification.

    For general steel and silver parts, only two tests of tensile force and impact at normal temperature are carried out. The impact test is generally not carried out for high temperature alloy parts and forgings of high temperature alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy.

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